EF Certificate in Teaching Grammar

Course duration: 10 weeks

Group size: Up to 16 participants

Delivery:  Online via http://training.ef.com

Certification: 30hr EF teacher training certificate


1) Case Study Analysis Written Assignment (1000 words)

2) Reflective Essay (1000 words)

3) 5 minute grammar training video or podcast



This course is highly recommended if you are interested in learning more about teaching grammar or you need to prepare to take the EF Trinity Diploma in TESOL.

The EF Certificate in Teaching Grammar gave me the opportunity to take a deeper look into grammar by debating and sharing experiences and materials among the members of the course. I have learnt a lot from my peers and it was definitely helpful to receive constructive feedback from other experienced teachers as well as our tutor.
— Azahara Soler, Teacher


You will learn about the differences between deductive and inductive grammar teaching, sentence constituents, second language acquisition and debate the pros and cons of prescriptivist and descriptivist views of grammar. By the end of the course you will have a greater understanding of the systems of grammar, have attempted different methods of engaging students in learning grammar and understand how grammar is acquired. You will also have created a video or podcast that explores a grammar activity you use with your learners and share this online.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and critique approaches in teaching grammar
  • Analyse word formation, phrases and the elements that make up sentences
  • Identify and explain some discourse patterns, aspect/tense and modality of English
  • Explain challenges your students face in learning grammar in relation to L1, learner habits and second language acquisition. 
  • Develop activities and strategies in teaching a specific grammar point to a group of learners
  • Use terminology and practical tasks required in the grammar section of the DipTESOL course


  • Have over 6 months experience in ESL
  • Hold a TEFL qualification
  • Be willing to spend 2-4 hours (longer for non-native English speakers) of study time a week on this course for 10 weeks
  • Want to gain a deeper insight into the nature of language
  • Who might be interested in taking the Trinity Diploma within the next year