EF Certificate in Learner Development

Group size: Up to 16 participants

Delivery:  Online via Motivis

Certification: 30hr EF teacher training certificate


1. Record an interview with student and analyse findings

2. Plan and teach tailored lesson for your student. Evaluate learning outcomes

3. Compile Interview and Teaching reports with a Conclusion to complete the Learner Profile (approx. 3,500 words). Read and mark fellow classmates' Learner Profiles.


This course focuses on creating the Learner Profile component of the CertTESOL course. This course is recommended if you are interested in taking the CertTESOL and/or are interested in conducting focused research on the language and learning needs of your students. This course is also useful for teachers who teach one-to-one classes in developing tailored lessons and practices based on the learner's needs.


We will look at how students' cultural and linguistic background shape their needs and motivations in studying English. Through reading, discussing and interviewing a select student, you will begin to build a Learner Profile and refer to this in planning and teaching a tailored lesson for your learner that addresses their needs and interests. By the end of the course you will have compiled your findings from interviewing and teaching a specific student into a Learner Profile report of approximately 3.500 words and share this with your peers. By focusing on a select learner over the course of 10-weeks, you will develop a deeper understanding in how to tailor and justify your teaching practice for a specific individual.


By the end of this course, trainees will have

  • Explored cultural and linguistics backgrounds

  • Analysed a student's proficiency in English through structured interview

  • Identified and prioritized learning needs of their student

  • Applied findings from the interview to plan and teach a lesson

  • Evaluated learning outcomes from the lesson and propose learning plan

  • Reflected on how constructing a Learner Profile has influenced your teaching

  • Become familiar with the Learner Profile assessment that is used on the CertTESOL course

"This course has increased my analytic skills and ability of providing meaningful feedback. Most importantly, it has confirmed my faith that no one is perfect but there’s always a way to make things better. My learner could make greater progress in English learning while myself could achieve more in my teaching career!"

Coco Xie, Kids and Teens, SH06


  • Select a student (7 years or older, Elementary level or higher) to focus on throughout the course. You will need to meet with this student one-to-one for the interview and teaching components of this course (approximately an hour per meeting).

  • Check the student is willing to participate in the research and is willing to give up two hours of their time

  • Communicate with manager and parents (if applicable) to gain approval for this research project

  • Have over 6 months experience in ESL

  • Hold a TEFL qualification

  • Be familiar with the phonemic chart and be able to transcribe short utterances

  • Be willing to spend approximately 2-4 hours (longer for non-native English speakers) of study time a week on this course for 10 weeks

  • Want to gain a deeper insight into how learner's needs shape teaching practice

  • Who might be interested in taking the CertTESOL within the next year


  • Prepare information such as your BlueCard number, your Skype ID and manager's email

  • Consider why you are a good candidate for the course (250-350 words)

  • Describe a learning experience you have had, and what you learned from it that will help you with this course (250-350 words)

  • Show forward-thinking: what are the challenges and how will you overcome them? (250-350 words)