Group size: Up to 16 participants max

Delivery:  Face to face

Event objectives: 

  1. To develop knowledge and skills related to education services leadership roles.

  2. To provide meaningful feedback to candidates which can link to their Individual Development Plan.

  3. To spot talent across the region

Event Dates & Time


Local and international teachers are encouraged to apply.

Applications will be accepted through an online application process. As well as all the usual information that goes into application forms (name, center, email address etc.) you will be asked to complete 2 descriptive questions. These are:

1. Reasons why you would like to participate in the event (300 - 500 words)
2. Outline an example of a contribution you have made to your center (300 - 500 words)

For Q2 above, please use the STAR model to frame your answers.

  • Situation: Present a recent challenge or situation in which you found yourself in.

  • Task: What did you have to achieve?

  • Action: What did you do?

  • Results: What was the outcome of your actions?

We encourage you to complete your answers in a word document in advance of applying and then pasting them into the application form so that it does not time out.


Event Details

  • Meet & Mingle: candidates will be able to network with Senior staff / REM/ CEM / ST/ TRT and ask questions.

  • Assessment activities: candidates will split into groups to complete a series of exercises to experience different aspects related to educational leadership.

It was challenging and enjoyable and gave us (teachers and senior teachers ) a chance to find out more about development paths within the company and how realistic our anticipated timelines for this development are.
— Shanghai, Senior Teacher
I liked it because I could see how things were running differently in different centres. As an EEC this really motivated me to bringing more to my centre. And working with all the other talented teachers pushed me to strive more on developing myself!
— Guangzhou, Teacher

This event has limited spaces, which will be awarded on the basis of this application form and consultation with the CEMs in your region. Participation in the event does not guarantee future promotion. Similarly, non-participation does not exclude candidates from applying to open leadership roles in the future.