Teaching Assistant (TA) role

The Teaching Assistant (TA) role is an opportunity to develop your skills as an online trainer by facilitating learning among staff enrolled on EF Certificate Distance Learning Courses using a variety of technologies. This role also provides an opportunity to connect with staff across products, with TRT trainers and managers.

Teaching Assistant (TA) TEAM

e have a diverse Teaching Assistant team who are from various products and regions across China. The team holds an array of experience and qualifications in education which they apply in supporting trainees enrolled on distance courses.

teaching assistant team


  1. The TA must have previously completed the distance course and achieved outstanding grades and/or hold experience in facilitating training in the course subject. 
  2. Participating as a TA is done on a voluntary basis and will not involve compensation or reduction in normal work duties.
  3. The expected time commitment of the TA is up to two hours per week for a 10-week course. TAs can facilitate training on up to two EF Certificate Distance Learning courses a year.
  4. The TA may provide feedback to the trainees and/or assistance with grading assignments –specific tasks will be agreed between the course instructor and the TA taking into consideration the TA’s current workload.
  5. The TA is not permitted to upload or amend course material without prior agreement from the Course Instructor
  6. It is the TA’s responsibility to discuss their participation on the course with their manager prior to committing to a course and forward approval from their line manager to the Course Instructor.

How to get involved

If you are interested in joining the Teaching Assistant team, then you can apply by downloading the application form by clicking here. Complete all parts of the application and email to your regional trainer cc your line managers.